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Hi, I’m Marina! Welcome to Travel Eat Blog – a space filled with travel tips, my experiences, and my favorite recipes from around the world! I am so glad to see you here.

A little about me: I haven’t traveled outside of the country until I had a chance to go on a study abroad trip at the age of 15. I won a language and leadership competition and went on my first adventure to the United States! After spending a year in the US, my life has never been the same! During my time abroad, on my very first international trip, I discovered a new sense of independence, experienced a new culture, and saw how big the world is. That’s when I knew I had to discover the world for myself.

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Since then I have learned new languages and cultures living in three different countries and visited many more. I went to college in the United States and spent 6 months in Barcelona. That experience once again showed me my passion: Intercultural Communications. (and I am still working on that goal!) I want to connect and work with people from different backgrounds. I believe that by coming together and uniting our differences is how we can thrive and grow as individuals and society as a whole.  

Not so long ago I graduated college with a bachelor’s in Public Relations and Spanish and I am ready to continue growing and traveling the world! Trust me, I am always planning and preparing for my next trip (and documenting my every step with my camera).

I hope you join me for a ride and explore the world with me! You should start by reading my study abroad story and following me on social media! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Email – I am there!)

Marina About Travel Eat Blog

Fun facts about me:

  • On my blog, you will find stories of my travels, travel tips, and things I generally find interesting (so many!).
  • My goal is to encourage people to go abroad: it broadens your horizons and makes you more open to new things.
  • I love photography and video production.
  • My bachelor thesis was on Nutella.
  • I am a night owl and I love to sleep!! I also like good coffee, but who doesn’t?
  • I hated coffee until I went to college.
  • Another thing I love: seeing my huge plans come to life in front of me.
  • Something I believe in: we are here to do good and to grow as much as we can.
  • Something I don’t believe in: travel is too expensive.
  • My all-time favorite: the beautiful architecture and people of Spain.

Are you in? Then check out some of my newest posts on travel, culture, and lifestyle!

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