Top Carnival Cruise Excursions in Cozumel

Dolphin Encounter in Cozumel

Every time I’ve visited Cozumel, I’ve done something different and every time it has been truly a great experience. If you are going on a Carnival Cruise soon and are stopping at Cozumel, you are probably looking for exciting, but budget-friendly excursions for your cruise, especially if you are going as a big family. There are plenty of choices, but I wanted to highlight the top five budget and family-friendly excursions that you should choose from when visiting Cozumel on your next Carnival Cruise. 

Best Carnival Cruise Tips and Hacks

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Best Value Carnival Cruise Excursions in Cozumel

Try Tequila

Cozumel offers plenty to do on your own or by an excursion at any time of the year: snorkeling, shopping, beach getaways, chocolate factory tours, and many animal encounters, from dolphins and rays to turtles, iguanas and lizards! I have taken some of these excursions and I have read through many reviews, considered prices and value of excursions offered by Carnival. After my thorough research, here are the excursions I would recommend: 

Snorkeling, Tequila and Lunch for Pretty Cheap? Yes, Please!

Tequila and more tequila
Somehow, Tequila tastes better in Mexico. Do try it when you’re there!

Coral Garden Snorkel, Tequila, and Lunch is a great choice if you are looking for a combination of value and price. When booking an excursion I like to have several activities to fully experience the port. With this one, for just around $50, you can enjoy a beginner snorkeling activity in the reefs, followed by a fajitas lunch and a tequila tasting! This is what I call a good value. This excursion lasts about 3 hours, is a moderate activity level and open for all ages!

Try it All – Mayan Ruins, Snorkeling, Lunch and Tequila Tasting

Visit the San Gervasio Archaeological Site
A visit to the San Gervasio Archaeological Site was a highlight of my previous trips to Cozumel!

For just a little extra, you can see what this beautiful island has to offer, including a visit to Mayan Ruins, Snorkeling, and Lunch for about $80 per person. You will visit the famous San Gervasio archaeological site, snorkel, and enjoy a lunch and a tequila tasting. This is a 5 hour excursion, but I can imagine, it is not enough for all of these activities, and while this is a great value, you may feel rushed throughout your day. It is also a moderate activity and everyone is welcome over the age of 1. 

Swimming with Sharks and Rays

I haven’t done this one, but swimming with a shark couldn’t not make this list! If you’re adventurous at heart, you will be happy to know that for about $60 you can have a 30-min encounter with rays and then swim with parrot fish, starfish, crabs, and even sharks in Cozumel. However, before you decide to go on this, keep in mind that some reviews say that this excursion doesn’t have another option if one of your kids decide they don’t want to encounter a shark. (I don’t know how I would feel!) This excursion lasts 3 hours and is offered to anyone over 4 years old. 

Explore Cozumel Culture, Attractions and Food

Mayan Chocolate Factory
This cute little guy was hanging out at the Mayan Cacao Company, hope to see him again next time I go!

This excursion is a great combination of culture, sightseeing and history. First, you will take a trip to the San Gervasio Mayan Ruins, then take a tour of the island, and enjoy some local treats, including traditional Mayan lunch, chocolates, and tequila. This 4.5 hour tour will keep you entertained for the whole day and it is a great option if you have kids on the cruise (about $75 per person.)

Interact with Dolphins and Enjoy Unlimited Food and Drinks

Every kid (and adult) would love a dolphin encounter program. You can interact with the dolphins, and famous dolphin kiss! Afterward, you can enjoy unlimited food and drinks; snorkel with tropical fish and try out kayaking and paddleboarding! With everything included, this is a great deal! At $90 per person, you will have an exciting adventure with many memories!

Packing for a Carnival Cruise

How can you pack for a cruise without packing your whole house in with you? What are you forgetting? Use my printable and editable cruise packing list for your next vacation!

Why go on a Carnival Cruise Excursion instead of a local one?

Carnival Cruise Excursions on Cozumel

Often, people have a safety concern when visiting a new country. And many cruisers choose to take a cruise-recommended excursion because of the issue. However, the only danger in visiting Cozumel is that you will fall in love with it and keep coming back again and again. I’ve been to Cozumel three times and I’m going back this December on another cruise. 

The reason I would recommend to take a Carnival Cruise excursion in Cozumel is that they will make sure you will get enough time to get back on the ship before its departure. Also, you will have someone waiting to pick you up right near the port. I would say going with a Carnival excursion will make your experience a little more convenient. If you are thinking about going with an independent excursion, check out port info at, they have a lot of information about independent Cozumel excursions. 

Are you planning a cruise to Cozumel? Which excursion are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!


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