Staying Healthy While Traveling During Coronavirus

Staying Healthy When You Travel

Wow! I was just on a cruise a couple of months ago and now this. At this time traveling might be the last thing on your mind, and it should be. Many are at risk of losing their income, staying at home or possibly have friends or family who are sick. At the time of a global pandemic, the best thing to do is to stay put. But sometimes, you have to travel. You might still be required to travel for work, visit family, or need to get away from stress. With that in mind, I wanted to write up a few tips for staying healthy, body and mind, while traveling in the time of coronavirus. 

So How Can You Prepare for Traveling During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Check the CDC Website for Updates and Travel Information

Before you decide to go, carefully consider whether or not you absolutely have to. If you really need to go, check the CDC website first for safety information. 

Avoid Flying and Traveling Internationally

Nonessential international travel has been banned, see the updated list of countries at risk. Another reason to avoid flying is the crowds and lines in most airports.    

If Possible, Travel by Car

If you need to travel, take the car. See the list of tips for long car rides (new road trips) and best healthy road trip snacks.

Take the First Aid Kit in Your Carry On

Bring a thermometer, fever and pain reducer, and your regular medicine in your carry-on. For more packing tips, see my Printable Packing List here!

Brind Hand Sanitizer If You Can’t Wash Your Hands

Sanitize your hands often if you’re touching doorknobs in public places. Take a hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes with you!

Wash Your Hands with Soap Regularly and Avoid Touching Your Face

I know, you’ve heard this one. And if you haven’t yet seen the Vietnamese Sing-a-long PSA for Preventing Coronavirus, enjoy!


Yes, try to avoid public transportation, limit nonessential travel, and skip big gatherings. If you can, stay six feet away from people. 

Drink More Fluids

As with other sicknesses, it may be helpful to drink more warm fluids to prevent and help battle illness. 

Use Trustworthy Sources for Reliable Information

There is a lot of information out there, please use WHO and CDC for official information regarding the virus. Also, please note that I am not a doctor or a scientist, and I am just hoping that I can help you travel safely in this difficult time. 

Do you have to travel in the near future? What are you planning to do to stay safe and healthy while traveling?

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