The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Buy Drinks

The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Buy a round of Drinks

Heading off for a city break soon? The research, carried out by coffee brand Honest Coffees, ranked some of the most expensive cities in the world to find the most pricey drinks. The research concluded, that buying a beer, coffee, bottle of water and a coke in Paris could put you at close to $17.90, but if you go to Cairo you could get all those drinks for just $5! Buying same drinks will cost you $16.85 in Dubai, and around $15 in New York and Hong Kong.

Where to Find the Cheap Drinks

Travelers on a budget could go to South Africa, with Cape Town coming in at $6.22. India is another great option for cheaper travel – with bottles of water and coke costing just 20 cents in Mumbai. 

You might want to go to South and Central America, with prices in Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Mexico City are a lot less than in the United States.

The cheapest beer you will find in Cairo for just $2.5 on average! After all, it is believed that beer was introduced to the Egyptians by the god Osiris

The cheapest cities to buy drinks are: Moscow ($8.96), Bangkok ($7.23), New Delhi ($7.07), Cape Town ($6.22), and Cairo ($5.13).

Where are the most expensive drinks in the world

The Most Expensive Cities

Travelers heading to Australia will not just face pricey flights. The two biggest cities in Sydney and Melbourne – both come in fractionally pricier than London for refreshments. Paris is at the top of the list of the most expensive cities in the world, with a 

Wyatt Cavalier, co-founder of Honest Coffees, said: “Our findings show that the big-ticket holiday destinations like Paris, New York and Tokyo are the most costly when it comes to buying drinks.

The most expensive cities in the world to buy drinks list

The Most Expensive Cities in the World To Buy Drinks

  1. Paris, $17.91
  2. Dubai, $16.85
  3. New York, $15.69
  4. Hong Kong, $15.18
  5. Singapore, $14.27
  6. Sydney, $14.25
  7. LA, $13.68
  8. Auckland, $13.66
  9. London, $12.96
  10. Tokyo, $12.52
  11. Berlin, $11.42
  12. Toronto, $10.61

The most expensive cities in the world to buy drinks seems to be the most touristy places in the more economically-stable countries.

Is your city on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Bree
    March 22, 2018

    Love your blog! I love that you have different topics than just your average travel blogs. 🙂

    I went to Ibiza a few years ago and the drinks were SO insanely expensive. I think we paid 22 euros for a vodka and orange juice. It wasn’t even during the summer months. We ended up buying our own alcohol and drinking befor we went out! (We we’re backpacking for 4 months so we had to save our money!)

    I live in LA and the drinks can get pricey if you’re in the downtown/Hollywood area but we have some really cool lounges/bars that make mixed drinks that are unique so I think that’s worth the extra $$

    1. Marina
      March 26, 2018

      Thank you so much for your feedback!
      I imagine LA to be really expensive.. Just like the rest of California! Ill be going to San Francisco in May! I have never been to Cali so I am excited!

  2. Natasha Malik
    April 5, 2018

    Great Post!

    Loved the idea of saving more while sipping abroad

  3. Naomi
    April 30, 2018

    Loved this post! I’m from Toronto and currently live in Auckland so I feel the pain! haha


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