Blogging Goals for my Travel Blog for 2020

blogging goals New Year resolutions for my travel blog

As 2019 is wrapping up, it’s time to make new New Year Resolutions. And as a blogger, those resolutions turn into new blogging goals for 2020. I would like to make those goals official by compiling them all in a list and put a little pressure on myself this upcoming year! Of course, in order to meet the goals, I always remind myself to make them specific and measurable and as the year goes on, I will be marking them off and you will be able to join me on my blogging journey!

How Did 2019 Go?

My New Year resolution for 2018 was to start a blog where I will share my life abroad and help others with tips to travel more. I started Travel Eat Blog in January of 2018 and I can be proud I am still constantly working on it and trying to make it more interesting for my readers every day. In 2020, I have a lot of plans to build my blog and make it helpful to those who are thinking about travelling or even moving abroad for the first time. The goal for Travel Eat Blog is to inspire people to look for ways to challenge themselves, step outside of their comfort zone and take a leap if they feel like it. Have you always wanted to travel abroad but you haven’t gotten around to it? I am here to help you make those dreams into reality! Now, here are my blogging new year resolutions for next year:

Marina’s Blogging Goals for 2020

Travel More in 2020

Yes, that’s my plan every year. But to make it a little more specific, in 2019 I wanted to visit at least 3 new countries and take 7 weekend trips within the US. I went to 5 new counties instead but didn’t do as much weekend travel, except for that awesome trip to Niagara FallsThis year I am planning a visit to Seattle in April and a European cruise in August!

Continue to Spend 15 Hours Every Week Working on My Blog

When you are blogging, you don’t see immediate results, and it is a little hard to stay encouraged to spend many hours on improving your blog. But I promise, as the new year comes around, I will start spending more hours on creating new content for you all to enjoy!

Reach 100 Posts on My Blog

I currently have published 74 posts (I had 47 at this time last year) and that’s pretty crazy if you think about it. Having this blog helped me write 1 post (about 1000) words every week. And I spend even more time on coming up with new ideas! I think I can easily make it to 120 next year and maybe even more! So do check back every week for new content!

Reach 500 Visitors a Day

That’s the hard one. If you are just writing, it doesn’t mean that people are finding you in search or sharing your posts on social media. I will be working on that one and hopefully, within the first 6 months of next year, I will be able to reach those numbers!

Write Engaging Content that will be Helpful for my Readers

That’s the whole purpose of it. With my story, I hope to inspire you to look for new ways to travel or learn more about other people’s experiences and cultures in this world! If you have any questions or ideas for posts that would be helpful to you, send me a message here or on any of my social media channels!

Make 1 New Video Every Month

Not many people know, but I created a video making club when I was in college. I very keen on different types of media and what types do different people use to receive information. Making videos is something I enjoyed for several years and wanted to start doing for my blog. However, the computer I had was not fit for video editing and I never got around to it. Now that I have a new computer, expect a new video coming out in January, my friends!

Write 1 Guest Post a Month in 2020

This one will help me get more exposure and visitors. This hasn’t been my priority in 2019, but that is definitely something I will be working a lot on in 2020.

Get My First Paid Partnership with a Brand

In 2019, I was mainly focused on building a social media following and creating content. Next year, I hope to get my first paid partnership with a brand I enjoy and trust to be able to share it with my followers.

Make a $1000 Blogging

Last year my goal was $100 and I made it! All of it came from Amazon links – when I recommend something on Amazon and someone decides to make a purchase, I get a small commission.  So, if you are reading any of my posts and see an amazon link, do use it. That’s how you help bloggers produce more content. Every time you make a purchase, at no cost to you, bloggers who spend many hours writing posts, get a commission. That’s why, don’t use AdBlock on small blogger sites and don’t get annoyed at a few ads. That’s the only way these bloggers are able to survive!

Dear 2020, do I have plans for you!

Another post closer to that 120, I am so happy that you came across my site and I hope you enjoy it here!

Are you a blogger too? Let me know in the comments below what are some of your blogging goals or resolutions for 2020!

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Hi, I'm Marina, passionate traveler and blogger, based in the United States and travelling the world. Thanks for following me on my life and travel adventures!


  1. Debrah
    December 23, 2018

    Hi Marina, also a blogger here and just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is great and you’re a good writer. Liked your post and think setting specific, measurable goals is a great idea. I think I might try setting some goals myself. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Andrea LaPlant
    December 23, 2018

    What an inspirational post! I am a new travel
    blogger.. just started in September and I have about 15 posts. I can definitely relate to your point about how it’s hard to stay encouraged to spend so many hours on a blog, especially when starting out.

  3. Clarity4thesoul
    December 23, 2018

    Really great goals. Im in the same situation as you, reading these goals has given me inspiration. If we love blogging we should continue and stay focused. Good luck with everything and I hope you achieve your goals in 2019 xx

  4. Mariam
    December 23, 2018

    I think you can accomplish your 2019 goals and then some! It’s all in the mentality and resilience. Great job on your blog! Looking forward to reading more of your content.

  5. Kate Findley
    December 23, 2018

    I love your precise goals! I started my blog back in March, but otherwise I’m in a similar place — putting out about a post a week and, like you, trying to reach more traffic and monetize. That’s encouraging to hear that guest posting worked for you because I’m always reading that it’s something you should do, but I want to hear firsthand from someone it’s actually worked for! My 2019 goal is to start a new blog specifically focused on natural health.

  6. Candace
    December 23, 2018

    As a fellow travel blogger, I’m learning that it is important to set concrete goals for yourself and your work. I think that you have set clear and achievable goals for yourself this year.

    Good Luck with your travels this year!

  7. Madi Rowan
    December 23, 2018

    I just reached my first anniversary of blogging last week, so I’m in a similar boat! Those are fantastic goals & mine are similar!! 500 visitors a day would be amazing, I’m no where near that but I’m working towards 100! Best of luck to you in 2019!
    -Madi xo

  8. dani
    December 23, 2018

    I love this so much and I totally feel you. I launched mine in June 2018 and it is still a struggle. Mine still looks like a battlefield but I am working on it. I enjoy the learning and I will also try to monetize it in 2019. Cheers and happy blogging! =)

  9. Shea @ A Day With Shea
    December 27, 2018

    These are really great goals! I like how everything is very specific and measurable. I just started my blog about a month ago and have some exciting goals to create for this upcoming year. Thank you for this inspiration!

  10. Marissa
    December 27, 2018

    Keep at it and you’ll meet those goals sooner than you think!

  11. colleen
    December 27, 2018

    I also started a blog this year and love the goals you have set for yourself. They all seem achievable and will help set you on the path to success in the blogging world. Good luck!


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