Realistic Bucket List Ideas for 2019

There is so much to do and see in this world! Let’s be real, you can’t do it all in just one year! Here, I want to help you build your own bucket list ideas for 2019 that you can actually accomplish! Follow my tips and ideas below to create a bucket list of your own! Then, mark off your adventures one by one as you travel and see the world with Travel Eat Blog.

Travel Bucket List Ideas for 2019

Visit a Place in Your Own City You Haven’t Been to Yet!

Let’s start small – I know there are museums, restaurants or parks in your city that you haven’t explored yet. To me, you really don’t have to go far to start travelling. It just means going somewhere, exploring and learning something new. We often forget that the place we live in is special and beautiful, even though we see it every day. Use Google or read some blogs about the place you live in and spend a few hours or a full day, enjoying your new favorite place in your hometown. Yes, you can be a tourist in your own city.

Honestly, you can do it every month. You will see that you will fall in love and connect with your own home even more. You will see that there are new and amazing things you haven’t seen yet!

Ok, rant is over.. moving on to the next bucket list idea!

Go on a Day Hike

For this one you also don’t need to go far. Look for nearby trails, pack your day backpack, bring some friends and snacks – that’s all you need to spend a relaxing day and enjoy the hike. Do this a couple of times a year, it will help you feel less stressed. After all, disconnecting is really good for you!

Start a New Hobby

Have you always wanted to take up dancing classes, but you keep putting it off? Too busy, you have night classes, it’s too expensive.. Story of my life. This year, find a way and just do it! Find non-expensive classes, learn it yourself, find videos on YouTube. Think about the ways you have wanted to improve yourself and put your mind to it. For me, it’s working more on my blogging journey this year. I strive to become a better story-teller, a better photographer and learn more about marketing. And finally take that salsa dancing class.

Find the Cheapest Airfare You Can Find and Go

By using all of my tips on travelling on a budget, you will be able to afford a trip somewhere you haven’t been to before. Check the flights on budget airlines, like Frontier or use some of my tricks to travel more. That’s exactly how we went to San Francisco last May. We searched for the cheapest flights from the nearby airport and got them for $200 round-trip with Frontier. We booked it that minute! Read more about our trip to San Francisco in the guest post I wrote for E-Tramping.

Go on a Weekend Trip

Grab a buddy, make a plan and drive (or fly) to one of the best weekend trip destinations in the United States!

See a New Place in Your Country

travel bucket list ideas

You have probably noticed that the goal of this bucket list is not to feed you places around the world that are too expansive and impossible to visit but to help you grow as an every day traveler. With such little vacation time you can still see the country you are from. People come from around the world to feel the mist of Niagara Falls, hike the Grand Canyon or attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans. These experiences are unique and they are everywhere. Find more inspiration on bucket list experiences in the United States here!

Pick 1 (or 2) Places Abroad to Visit This Year

Yes, I really hope you can go on a 6 months adventure around the world. You’re really lucky! But if you can’t, you should still travel abroad. If possible, take a couple of weeks to go to a country you haven’t been to before. A lot of the times we get into a loop: we find our favorite destination and go there year after year! But travelling is about branching out, find a new place, book the tickets and go!

Start Learning or Pick Up a Language You Haven’t Used in a While

Languages open doors. Knowing a language will give you opportunities. It’s possible that it will even land you a job that will let you travel around the world. There are many many apps, podcasts, YouTube videos that will help you learn and give you practice. Just start at 15 minutes a day, every day. Or, find a local language club and practice it once a week with someone you know. Languages are fun!

I haven’t practiced German in a long time. I dropped it to start learning Spanish, because it sounded better. Now I speak broken Spanish and almost no German. It’s time to download Duolingo again and start watching Extra, a really fun and easy TV show to learn Spanish!

Attend an International Food Festival

Many cities have a Greek Food Festival, Italian, Jewish, you name it! I would go to them all, if I could. When you go, you will meet people from all over the world, try amazing food and learn something new. Trough food you can see a new country you have always wanted too. People from other countries love to share their culture with others. Just start a conversation at one of the festivals, you never know where it will take you! This might be a good trial run before you go there!

Make Your Own Bucket List

Use these ideas to create your own Bucket List! Pick and choose from the ideas I shared and add your own! See more inspiration:

travel bucket list ideas




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