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Oh, 2020! It’s been a crazy year and it’s not getting any better yet! You know what I’m talking about and you’ve heard it many times already. This feeling especially came to me on July 1st of this year. I was startled to see that summer is already halfway done, and for me, it hasn’t started yet! Not only have I not gone swimming or hiking, but I also haven’t been outside very much at all. So, with that in mind, I decided to start my own #EnjoyJuly challenge. I put together some realistic plans for this July – nothing like going abroad or having a big backyard party is on my list this year. But if we don’t pause for a minute and do things we enjoy once a day, July will pass by just like June did. If you’d like to join my #EnjoyJuly challenge, just join me in doing one thing a day that makes you happy. And if you want, use the list I have below. If you do, tag me on Instagram or Twitter and use our hashtag (#EnjoyJuly).

#EnjoyJuly Challenge

July 1 – Watch the sunset. Pause and enjoy the sunset – plain, simple, and definitely doable.

July 2 – Eat some ice cream.

July 3 – Go on a picnic.

July 4 – Watch fireworks.

July 5 – Have a bbq.

July 6 – Plant some new herbs on your porch, in the backyard, or window. Gardening can be a lot of fun and growing your own herbs is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach the same to your kids. They will definitely have a blast digging in the soil and planting seeds, growing seedlings and watering them.

July 7 – Eat a full bowl of fresh berries.

July 8 – Spend an evening in a hammock.

July 9 – Visit a beach, lake, or river.

July 10 – Make a refreshing summer drink. For example, this traditional Spanish sangria.

July 11 – Go somewhere new in your city. Do you know your city in and out? Take the time to visit more than just your usual hangout places. There is more to life than hanging out at the bowling alley and the mall.

July 12 – Go on a day-long hike.

July 13 – Go to a park.

July 14 – Try a new food. We can’t travel, some of us can’t even go to a restaurant. But we can still do takeout or just cook at home. Have you tried Ethiopian food? Scroll through these unique world recipes to make something new yourself.

July 15 – Go to a farmer’s market.

July 16 – Make homemade lemonade. Lemonade is definitely my drink of choice over the summer. Grab some fresh lemons from a farmer’s market and make your own at home!

July 17 – Eat some watermelon.

July 18 – Go camping. Is it even summer if you don’t go camping? Head out to your favorite camping spot and spend a weekend outdoors. Not an avid camper? Use this list for packing!

July 19 -Porch sit for the afternoon.

July 20 – Go on a long walk.

July 21 – Run through sprinklers.

July 22 – Master something new—a new dance step, a new hobby, or a new cooking technique.

July 23 – Do a wine tasting. If you can’t go somewhere, buy a few bottles and do a wine tasting/pairing at home!

July 24 – Visit a historical site.

July 25 – Go on a road trip.

July 26 – Give yourself a fun pedicure and a matching manicure.

July 27 – Eat vegetables and fruit right out of the garden.

July 28 – Go on a run through your neighborhood.

July 29 -Go stargazing.

July 30 – Visit a brewery.

July 31 – Watch the sunrise.

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